On stage

As an instrumentalist musician, he has been a stable member of the Young Orchestra of the Comunidad de Madrid and the Chamber Orchestra of the Complutense University of Madrid.

He has collaborated with various orchestras throughout the Spanish territory in the premiere of symphonic works by Spanish composers such as J. Vincent Egea and G. Martínez, working on the recordings of some of his works, as well as with more pop-folk artists like Carlos Jean, Carlos Núñez or Sergio Dalma.

He has worked with directors such as Yuri Nasushkin Labovsky, Cristóbal Soler, J. Rafael Pascual Vilaplana, Jordi Mora, Giuseppe Mancini, Javier Corcuera, J. Luis fears, Carlos Garcés, Edgar Martín and Miguel Borrego (Concertino-director)

As a soloist, he has performed together with the orchestra of the Villa de Móstoles at the closing of the festival of Sacred Art of Móstoles of 2013. In 2014 he also played as a soloist along with the ensemble Ars Mundi in Cacabelos (León)
He has just released in the Prado Museum on Christmas 2017 a production show called “Weaving the sound of colours” in which are integrated music, dance, theater, and painting. He works in various pedagogical-musical shows related to childhood and dissemination as “Music for the Silent world of Charles Chaplin” with the scenic direction of Carlos Martos and “The Voyage of Peer Gynt” with the scenic direction of Didier Otaola.

As a violinist-actor, he has recently worked for the National Dramatic Center in the play “El Concierto de San Ovidio” by Buero Vallejo, under the direction of Mario Gas at the Teatro María Guerrero in Madrid.

“El Concierto de San Ovidio” by Antonio Buero Vallejo. CDN (National Dramatic Center)

Directed by Mario Gas 

Trazos String Quartet

He has worked with various camera groups, (string quartets and string quintet with clarinet) and also with various groups of ancient music such as Passacaglia, popular, folk and ethnic as Moresca Ensemble, among which it is now important to highlight the training in Big band Hollywood band format.


Moresca Ensemble

Hollywood Band. Swing wood.

He is arranger and composer together with Asier Acebo of the music of the version of Antonio Maonda of “Bodas de Sangre” by Federico Garcia Lorca, premiered in 2016. He has also worked with him in 2017 creating the music of circus show “Muzik” of the company Cirque Belui.

“Bodas de Sangre” by Federico García-Lorca

Directed by Antonio Malonda

He has been an integral member of the orchestra Camerata Musicalis for five seasons and one of them as the soloist of second violins and has worked as a violin and viola teacher in the music-social program DaLaNota. He collaborates in several similar cutting projects in Latin America and Europe.

Camerata Musicalis: “Why is it special…?”